Fix up your home – Nothing up front!

Remarkable results from this exception program. RealVitalize enables homeowners to make repairs, freshen your home, and prepare it for sale.
There are no upfront costs. Payment is made when the home sells. Use the program for:
• Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
• Appliance repair or replacement
• Carpentry
• Wall and ceiling repair
• Cleaning services including carpet cleaning
• Electrical repair or upgrades
• Landscaping and curb appeal enhancements
• Handyman services
• Staging
• Renovations and more

No costs until closing, no interest, no hidden fees. Get top dollar for your home.
Benefit from a home improvement process that is super convenient and positions your home for maximum appeal. Pre-screened service professionals.
With interest rates so low and the Sacramento housing market so hot, you have Everything to gain…Nothing to lose.
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